About Fluence

Fluence brings a new level of efficiency to education, language production and content management, using a revolutionary combination of linguistic know-how, big-data and machine learning. The Fluence system uncovers the high-value language and grammar that sits at the centre of any subject, sector or audience. The data allows us to apply a new pedagogical approach to language, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to engage with new subjects and languages. The system also helps good communicators to better understand their audiences and to tailor their own language accordingly. We are investigating opportunities in publishing and content management, where Fluence brings content to the user in a much more targeted way.

Our range of cloud-based tools and resources allow our users to quantify what their language really looks like and to compare that information against how their friends, colleagues, clients, students and teachers use language. Our diagnostic and teaching solutions allow users to identify, prioritise and solve the language barriers that prevent successful communication from taking place.