Concept background


The “Eighty Twenty” principle

A tiny proportion (20%) of language you knowm is used to conduct almost all daily communication (80+%).

Fluence identifies the highest value content that people need, and delivers it to learners in the most logical order of introduction.

Fluence also makes it possible for content producers to adapt content to match the known capabilities of any audience.


What is language?

Language is an ecosystem of vocabulary, arranged into an agreed grammatical framework that allows for members of a community to send and receive information.

Successful communication

Successful communication is the process of using language in order to give and receive information, with minimal loss of clarity, sense or meaning.


Ineffective communication

This is a state where a message is not fully conveyed from one party to another.

- Lack of understanding from one or both parties

- Lack of clarity, or over-complex language use, from one or both parties


Operational communication 

Operational communication is when multiple parties who need to interact with each other achieve a state where the vast majority of information can be conveyed or understood with an acceptable loss of clarity, sense and purpose. Fluence targets the language that facilitates operational communication, and then building on it in order of priority.



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